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Retrospective on the Regicide

May 03

Poet: tomas Belsky

" I loves history"

May 20, '03

Retrospective on the Regicide

I didn't know
Caesar was fucking Brutus' mother.
Important, very important
only because it may have been
a consideration
when Brutus contemplated the Regicide
"Should I let the motherfucking King live"
or "Shall I slay the motherfucker?"

Well, we all know what path
now overgrown with the weeds of History
noble Brutus chose
and all the world
to this day
is tainted in that blood.

Cleopatra, Empress of Egypt
recognized in Julius
a God
and regaled in the glory of mothering his son.
So too did Brutus' mother!

Long ago
that was so long ago.
So, has sex
and attitudes toward human sexuality
played a part, even a decisive part
in the traversed and travailed
path taken?
Maybe sex has been the driving force
of all history
We got Caesar as King cuckolder
and a motherfucker.

One senator had his Hart broken
even before he got started.
Moonlit nights on a yacht will do that.
My man Clinton
gave us a new verb.
Kennedy loved his pussy
that much is unclouded of his too short reign.
Too bad he didn't go down to Havana
during the missile crisis
party hard with Fidel and Nikita
Learn some mambo
with Salsa Picante,
Celebrate life
instead of scaring the fuck
out of every literate soul on the planet.

Today we got a super uptight
sexually repressive regime
probably the most dour
since Cotton Mather.
Are we
children of one of Mankind's noblest experiments
in social organization destined
to be the most unhappy Free People in History?
Upon this hour
we are sour
from being dour.

It's too bad
but it isn't over!
(oh, no!--it's far from over)
Such an excellent Dream:
"Liberty and Justice for All."
Even if we have to keep our pants on
and never show our tits
It isn't over.

There's no smothering Love:
Liberty and Justice for All--
inevitability has decreed
it's far from over!

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