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Ode to Ray Charles

shortly after the blues maestro's passing

Poet: Belsky

"Ray Charles and Ronald Reagan died within days of each other. Having seen what Reagan's policy has done in Central America, I feel better that Ray Charles will be up yonder to see that things don't lean too far to the right. So to speak!"

Aloha 'oe i Ray Charles
Brother Ray
Papa Ray
Blues Father
How American can you be?
Blind, Black and Beautiful
slavery and chain gangs gave
birth to the Blues
the hollar
the stomp an' get down
American Tiresius
street corner logic
"... just a little piece of paper
coated with chloryphil."
the church really didn't want to come out
but times they were a changin
And the Blnd man's Muse led him
as the winds fill the sail
America needed Ray Charles
He's a mighty bridge
and a mighty tribute to
the powers of Art
and music.
Ray Charles' America is the One we dream of
A place where Good Things
are Encouraged to Happen.
America the Beautiful
was never so Beautiful.
A Spiritual Beauty
a Longing
that a Dream not escape
It was in Ray Charles
this America of darkness
wanting Light
and Ray Charles has a RayGun.

Being Blind He never could see
a White Song
from a Black Song
So he played em all
sang em all
with Soul
real American Soul.
Tiresius of the Red Dirt

Beeing blind He helps us See
helps us,
makes us
to see that it's all One
One great big Rhythm Section
where we can all get Down together
where we can all get High together
But don't get so you lose your Cool
there's a groove to be observed
it's called Ray's Golden Groove:
"Too High you gotta come Down
Too Down
too long
they bury You."

Ray Charles is up in Heaven now
and Heaven's more Hip for it
and, as it is written
"Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven."

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