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Don't Throw It Away

Mar 24, 04

Poet: El Belsk

"thoughts on the ideals of American thought today!"

You are the dream
that grandma and grandpa nurtured
the dream that sustained them
through the dark and dreary
years in the bowels of the mountain
in the factory, tilling the soil
gathering the crops;
Dreams that salved the bitter sting of the lash.
You are the dreams
that kept them going
and the going was tough.

You are the Dream
Don't throw it away!

Check the compass!
Are we on the right course?
The course that crosses the ocean of time
looks history in the eye
as the grandcesters
crossed the oceans to get to the fertile soil
where dreamseeds were planted.
Chained and dragged in,
or smuggled in,
even arriving in elegant comfort...

Don't throw it away
We are the Dreams.
We are here!

Don't throw it away
It's all in our hands
in our time--
We are the dreams.

March 24, 04

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